How to get NSO Birth Certificate

NSO Dumaguete

  1. Go to the National Statistics Office (NSO) in your area as early as 6 am if you want a hassle-free processing to avoid peak hours discomfort.
  2. Once NSO is open, fill-up the application form. Make sure to input all needed personal details on the form legibly. Indicate how many copies of Birth Certificate you want to get as the payment will depend on per copy requested. NSO Dumaguete
  3. Prepare the following:
    a. If you are getting your own Birth Certificate, prepare a valid ID.
    b. If you are getting others Birth Certificate, you as the requester must have an authorization letter and a valid ID along with the valid ID of the Birth Certificate owner.
  4. Go to the area for screening. This is when your filled-up form will be screen checking all necessary details along with your valid ID to justify you as the requester of the form. When approved after a screening, you will be given a priority number.
  5. While waiting for your priority number to be called, make comfortable of yourself on the seats inside NSO. Expect discomfort during peak hours. It is more convenient when early.
  6. Once your priority number is flashed on the screen/monitor, head to the counter and pay Php140 per one copy of Birth Certificate. Get the official receipt and don’t lose it.
  7. Proceed to the claiming area. Wait until your name is called. With your receipt and a valid ID, you can now claim your Birth Certificate.
  8. Make sure to go through the document and check for any errors before going home. Their assistance desk is available for you.

While I was getting my Birth Certificate at NSO Dumaguete branch, it only took me less than an hour to process and claim it. I went there 6am+, I got priority number 7, they started processing as early as 7 am. However, during peak hours starting 10 am – 2 pm, expect a longer processing time which could last for more than 2 hours.

NSO Dumaguete location

Provincial Statistics Office – NSO in Dumaguete City is located at Purple Building, Valencia Road, Barangay Bagacay, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental with their contact number (035) 442 4372.


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