7 Poses That A Travel Blogger Does

Speaking of traveling, these photos were taken 6 years ago. It was an experiment travel, spending less while enjoying much. I thought it won’t work but it was successful.

Poses being done were all accompanied with fun. The thing I learned in travel blogging is for the blogger to continue exploring and capture every noteworthy moment along the adventure.







Location: Boracay

How to live in a townhouse with pets

Owning pets in a townhouse might sound exasperating for you should have a yard to have furr companion. However, once you’re determined enough in opening your doors to these loving creatures then it would really work as it works well for me having 15 – 20 heads, a mix of dogs and cats. My new house is only 50 square meters ground floor area and another 50 on its second floor with extra 10 meters of a front yard.


Aldea Homes Dumaguete

Others might think the house would be a total chaos, smelly, or whatsoever. To the contrary, if only you know how to make everything in order, then it’s not impossible to make your townhouse tidy while with pet/s.

Here are some tips:

  1. Invest in good quality house cleaning tools like a broom, mop, brush, water hose, and pail.
  2. Hire some helper if you have a full-time job so somebody can take charge of your pet/s while you’re away.
  3. Learn to know where’s the favorite spot of your pet in your house. That is if you’re letting your pet roam around, inside/out of your house. That spot is where your pet will do his smelly stuff.
  4. Invest a cage. Whether your pet roams freely in your house or in leash, a cage still serves best especially during occasions or whenever you have some visitors who are not animal lovers.
  5. Spend time for your pet’s exercise for them not to get bored being trap in the walls of your house whole day.
  6. Be responsible for disposing of your garbage properly.
  7. Be friendly with your neighbors. It’s expected that your pet will create some noise and your first adversary would surely be your neighbor. However, if you’re friends with them then they wouldn’t tend to have a conflict with you.
  8. Extend your patience and consider your pets as your part of the family.

It’s not easy to own a pet but if only all pet owners love their pets unconditionally and a truly animal lover, then there’s no point in having pets being abandoned.  Tips above works best on my pets, mentioning that I own 15 dogs and 1 cat now.


Milkee and Corgi
My Milkee and Corgi.

Do you own a pet? How many do you have?

How to get NSO Birth Certificate

NSO Dumaguete

  1. Go to the National Statistics Office (NSO) in your area as early as 6 am if you want a hassle-free processing to avoid peak hours discomfort.
  2. Once NSO is open, fill-up the application form. Make sure to input all needed personal details on the form legibly. Indicate how many copies of Birth Certificate you want to get as the payment will depend on per copy requested. NSO Dumaguete
  3. Prepare the following:
    a. If you are getting your own Birth Certificate, prepare a valid ID.
    b. If you are getting others Birth Certificate, you as the requester must have an authorization letter and a valid ID along with the valid ID of the Birth Certificate owner.
  4. Go to the area for screening. This is when your filled-up form will be screen checking all necessary details along with your valid ID to justify you as the requester of the form. When approved after a screening, you will be given a priority number.
  5. While waiting for your priority number to be called, make comfortable of yourself on the seats inside NSO. Expect discomfort during peak hours. It is more convenient when early.
  6. Once your priority number is flashed on the screen/monitor, head to the counter and pay Php140 per one copy of Birth Certificate. Get the official receipt and don’t lose it.
  7. Proceed to the claiming area. Wait until your name is called. With your receipt and a valid ID, you can now claim your Birth Certificate.
  8. Make sure to go through the document and check for any errors before going home. Their assistance desk is available for you.

While I was getting my Birth Certificate at NSO Dumaguete branch, it only took me less than an hour to process and claim it. I went there 6am+, I got priority number 7, they started processing as early as 7 am. However, during peak hours starting 10 am – 2 pm, expect a longer processing time which could last for more than 2 hours.

NSO Dumaguete location

Provincial Statistics Office – NSO in Dumaguete City is located at Purple Building, Valencia Road, Barangay Bagacay, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental with their contact number (035) 442 4372.

ISPEC | Second LGBT Poetry Reading and Acoustic Night in Dumaguete

Once again, the Illuminates of the Spectra (ISPEC) organization in Silliman University is now back with a whole lot of events lined up in celebration to a Happy Pride Month this year. To start with, they are inviting everyone with open hearts and minds who want to participate or simply be part of the spectators of any LGBT individuals who are willing to read their poem or contribute an acoustic song during the event.

The Poetry Reading and Acoustic jamming will be happening on June 30, 2017, 7:00 in the evening at El Amigo along Silliman Avenue. The entire event is FREE to the public. So, what’s the reason left for you not to be there this Friday?

See you then…


NOPH New Building Tsada | Ubang Empleyado Kulang sa Disiplina

Kini nga sinulat mahitungod sa Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) dili binayran ug walay gi dapigan. Usa lamang kini ka tinud-anay nga pahayag basi sa nasinati sa usa ka pasyente sa maong ospital nga naadmit niadtong June 22-24, 2017.

(This article about Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) is neither a paid propaganda nor a biased publicity. It is simply the honest confession based on real incident experienced by a patient who was admitted last June 22-24, 2017).


Ang pasyente nga nagsaysay niining maong hitabo usa ka mabdos nga nanganak ug usa ka himsog nga batang babaye niadtong kadlawon  sa June 23, 2017 sa maong naasoy nga ospital, siya kasamtangang lumulupyo sa Cangmating, Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Natumbok ang maong kakulangan sa disiplina sa ubang emplyedo sa Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital tungod sa mga panghitabo nga gisaysay ning mosunod:

(The patient telling this incident was a pregnant woman who delivered a healthy baby girl in the dawn of June 23, 2017 in the said hospital, she is currently living in Cangmating, Sibulan, Negros Oriental. The lack of discipline on some NOPH employees has been identified due to the following situations as iterated):

Situation #1:


June 23, 2017 sa mga alas 10 kapin sa buntag ang takna, ang naasoy nga pasyente nga bag-ong nanganak kalit-kalit nga gipabalhin sa usa ka Nursing Aide sa NOPH new building gikan sa semi-private nga lawak padulong sa ward sa rason nga kuno ang pasyente dli makabayad sa mahalon nga kwarto. Miasoy ang pasyente kuyog sa iyang mga saksi nga kauban usab niya nga pasyente, ang maong Nursing Aide misulod sa ilang kwarto, isog ang tuno sa tingog ug mipahamtang ug mga sakit nga storya, “Diba wala mankay PhilHealth? Nganong gapatuga-tuga manmog kuha aning semi-private nga kwarto nga mahalon mani? Unsaon ninyo pagbayad kung ang inyong bill maabot ug Php10,000?”

(June 23, 2017 around 10+ in the morning, the said patient who just recently delivered a child was forcibly transferred by one of the Nursing Aide of NOPH new building from semi-private room to ward station for an unjust reason stating that the patient cannot afford paying the air-conditioned room. The patient added, along with her witnesses who are also patients of the said hospital, the said Nursing Aide entered the room, with aggressive toned of voice throw hurtful words against the patient, “You’re not a PhilHealth member, right? Then why did you choose to get a semi-private room which is expensive? How can you afford to pay it if your bill will cost Php10,000?”)

Tungod kay ang pasyente dili kabalo manubag ug nagkulang sa kaalam kung unsay angay niyang itubag sa maong linya sa natumbok nga Nursing Aide, samtang ang gabantay niini aduna pay importanteng gilakaw gawas sa ospital, gipugos gayod pagbalhin nila ang pasyente padulong ngadto sa ward, laing kwarto nga daghang mga pasyente, nga mas barato ang bayad sa walay igong pagpananghid sa guardian o gabantay niini nga bisan aduna pay gilakaw, unta naa man kini record nga pwedeng matawagan ang iyang phone number.

(Since the patient lacks knowledge and awareness on what to respond to the statement of identified Nursing Aide, while the patient’s watcher is still out of the hospital for an important errand, they really transferred the patient to the ward station, a cheaper room with a number of patients without the consent of the patient’s guardian/watcher, where in fact, even if the guardian is out, a contact number can be found on the hospital records during admission if the action is really necessary and needs to be done immediately.)

Nakalitan pag-ayo ang gabantay niini sa dihang pagkabalo niya. Usa ka rason nga mipili ang guardian sa maong pasyente ug semi-private nga kwarto mga 9 ka oras sa wala pa mahitabo ang pagpanghilabot sa Nursing Aide kay okay ra unta sila kung baratuhon nga kwarto apan tungod lage kuno sa kadaghan sa pasyente, ang bag-ong nanganak gihatagan lang ug teheras, katre nga piko-piko pareha sa barko. Tungod kay dili ma comportable ang pasyente kung pahigdaon sa teheras, ang guardian mismo ang mipili ug semi-private room, bahalag medyo mas taas ang kantidad sa kwarto, pero kini gihunahuna pag-ayo sa guardian nga makaya rapud nila kini pagbayad.

(The incident shocked the watcher after the info reached to her. One of the reasons why the guardian chose the semi-private room for her patient 9 hours prior to the injustice act done by the said Nursing Aide is due to the fact that while they were asked by the assigned Nurse (not the Nursing Aide) regarding on what room to choose, the Nurse told the guardian that if they choose the room in the ward station, the only available bed is a collapsible cot which is unstable and uncomfortable enough for a patient who just recently delivered a child. The guardian itself chooses the semi-private room, though it costs a bit higher, yet she is sure enough that they can afford to pay it.)

Ang pangutana:

  1. Tungod ba kay dili datu ug pamorma ang maong pasyente, daug-daugon ug e underestimate lang ang pasyente, singhagan ug kuhaan sa ilang katungod isip pasyente sa Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) new building?
  2. Ang pasyente wala pay 12 ka oras gikan sa pagpanganak, kini gipalakaw para lang gyud mabalhin sa laing kwarto, dili ba kini makadaot kaniya?
  3. Inaani ba gayod ang batasan isip usa ka Nursing Aide o Nurse ba nuon sa ospital nga dli atimanon ug tarong ang pasyente, nuon kini singhagan o kasab-an abi kay kasagaran nga maadmit sa NOPH mga pobre o taga bukid?


  1. Is it because the patient weren’t neatly dressed in wealth, employees of Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital will just mock and underestimate her, scold and remove her right as a patient?
  2. It was still less than 12 hours when the patient delivered her child, she was forcibly transferred to another room by letting her walk on the hospital aisle, can’t it stressed out the patient?
  3. Is it really the nature of the character of a Nursing Aide or Nurse in a hospital not to treat and care the patient in a nice way, instead will rebuke and criticize perhaps for the fact that most patients in NOPH are poor or came from rural areas?)

Situation #2:


Walay insaktong instruction ang mga ga duty nga empleyado sa maong ospital alang sa ilang mga pasyente mahitungod sa proseso unsaon pagbayad sa mga balayranan sa ospital aron makagawas ang pasyente. Tungod niini, mahitabo nga:

  1. Malangay ang pagawas sapasyente hangdtod maabtan na kini ug tingsira sa opisina, mas labaw pa kung matunong ug holiday sa sunod adlaw. Sa kalangay, makabayad na nuon ug dugang balayran ang pasyente tungod sa kahinay ug ka walay klaro nga paglihok sa mga empleyado sa NOPH.
  2. Magbalik-balik pagsaka ug kanaog ang watcher sa pasyente nga gaproseso sa mga papeles, nga diin kapoy raba gayod tuyok-tuyukan ang NOPH new buiding tungod kay wala pa kini kompletong mahuman gikan sa old building.
  3. Maghulat ug dugay ang pasyente o ang watcher sa pasyente sa pasangil nga kuno sila isip mga empleyado sa Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital busy kayo sa ilang mga trabaho. Tinuod nga ma busy ang usa ka empleyado pero dili pud siguro maayo nga pahulaton kag pila ka oras human ingnon lang ka ug “nganong karon pamaning papilla gidala diri nga sirado naman mi?”

Kining maong sitwasyon nahitabo tungod kay nagkulang ug insaktong instruction ang NOPH new building nurse station sa third floor padulong sa ilang business and finance office.

Situation #3:


Sa delivery room, June 22, 201 sa gabii padulong sa June 23, 2017 sa kadlawon, miingon ang mangalanakay nga pasyente sa assigned Nurse, “ma’am murag kagawsonon na gyud ang bata, pwede nakong mo utong?” Mitubag ang Nurse, “Utong diha, unsay labot nako.”

Ang naasoy sa taas usa lamang sa mga sakit nga linya gikan sa pamaba sa ubang Nurse sa NOPH batok sa ilang mga pasyente.

Ang pangutana:

  1. Kung sa mga private nga ospital sama sa SUMC o Holy Child Dumaguete, nganong ilang mga Nurse dili man inaani kasakit manulti sa ilang mga pasyente? Kini tungod ba kay ang NOPH us aka Provincial Hospital, pero dili ba mas atimanon unta ug maayo ang mga pasyente diri tungod kay kini ospital man sa gobyerno u gang sweldo sa mga empleyado niini gagikan man sa mga buhis sa katawhan nga mao rasay mahimong mga pasyente sa maong ospital? Abi kay pobre, sika-sikaon lang?

Situation #4:

Gihatagan ug advise ang pasyente nga sa dili pa mopauli, paghuman ug bayad sa tanang balayran, kinahanglan kining magpa Internal Examine (IE). Tuod mituman ang pasyente niini. Sa wala pa niadto ang pasyente, samtang aduna pay gisubay ang watcher sa pasyente sa Nurse Station, mikalit pagsagbat ang laing Nurse nga dili maoy kaistorya sa watcher, “dili man gud sa Business and Finance building magpa IE ang pasyente, adto man sa Delivery Room.” Nainsulto ang watcher nga usa usab ka professional kay kini sarcastic kaayong giistorya sa maong Nurse nga unta nakahibalo man pud ang watcher kung asa magpa IE dapat ang pasyente tungod kay dili man kini ignorante.

Samtang ang pasyente didto sa Delivery Room, gatalay ang 3 ka pasyente nga magpa IE kay mogawasay na. Mga 30 ka minute ang milabay, nangutana ang watcher kung kanus-a sila ma IE, mitubag ang Nurse nga hulat lang kay busy pa ang Doctor tungod kay daghang nanganak. Gisabot kini sa watcher. Pila napud ka minute ang milabay, hapit na us aka oras, nangutana pag-usab ang watcher sa Nurse, mitubag ang Nurse, “Hulat lnggud m okay kamo tanan gusting mauna pero busy mi kayo.” Milili ang watcher sa glass window sa Delivery Room, nakita niya nga kung tinud-anay lang silang mo serbisyo sa mga pobreng pasyente, ma IE raman dayon tong 3 nga ga talay kay dili man mismo ang Doctor ang mo IE, Nurse lang man, unya dili man usa r aka Nurse ang naa didto. Nangutana ang watcher sa lainng pasyente nga gatalay para IE ug tuod kini iyang nasayran nga 4 na diay sila ka oras gahulat didto para lang magpa IE. Basis a obserbasyon, pwede man unta nilang maplastar ug tarong ilang schedule ug assignment each Nurse per patient nga dili inaato ka dugay maghulat ang pasyente para lang sukdon ang atubangan sa pasyente, ang ka dugayon nga 4 ka oras mura man pud ug nangank usob ang pasyente aron.

Ang pangutana:

  1. Inaana ba diay mo atiman ang ospital sa obyerno para sa ilang mga pasyente, unya-unyaon?


Regardless of what happened, we are still thankful to one of NOPH new building Nurse in position who entertained all our concerns in the person of “Baring.” She treated us nicely unlike some of the other Nurses there. May all the other Nurses, Nursing Aides, and other employees will be like her who knew the correct ethics on how to treat their patients the best and proper way.

  • To the rest who typically underestimate, criticise, or rebuke Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) patients, may you seek proper training for if not, this incident will still happen over and over again which might result in not just a negative feedback against the hospital and its administration but could result in a more worse action against the employees.
  • To the admin of NOPH, a government hospital in Dumaguete City, may this serve as a lesson for you to correct the behavior of your employees as what they are serving are patients who deserve to be treated and cared the kind and proper way.
  • To the Nurses and its corresponding co-employees in NOPH, may you put this in your mind that:

“Health is a fundamental right of every individual. The Filipino registered nurse, believing in the worth and dignity of each human being, recognizes the primary responsibility to preserve health at all cost. This responsibility encompasses (…more) according to RA No. 9173 an act providing for a more responsive nursing profession, repealing for the purpose RA No. 7164 otherwise known as “Philippine Nursing Act of 1991.”

Patient: Mendoza, Estelyn
Watcher: The Author
Guardian/s: The Author and Family